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Hi there. I’m Angela, a socially conscious single-mother. I’ve lived in three countries, but currently live in Toronto, Canada coparenting my amazing three-year-old daughter, Charlotte. I love spicy food, fair fashion, non-toxic beauty, local food, all the organic coffee and so much vodka (they make it here in Ontario now, and it’s pretty effing good #drinklocal). I work hard, play hard – hitting the arts & culture scene, cooking, cycling, yoga and (gulp) dating. Swipe right.

Five years ago, I started Sasstainable in London, UK while I finished my graduate studies. In both my professional work and personal commitments, I’ve worked hard to understand the unique opportunities and challenges facing values-based businesses. I have over eight years of experience working for charities, social enterprises and luxury retail and advising conscious companies as a brand architect, consultant, influencer, speaker and writer in sustainability. I work full time for an incredible company, Koru Distribution, North America’s leading wholesaler of premium nontoxic, sustainable lifestyle products, and I love it! Everyday I go to work I fulfill my purpose, live out my values and make an impact.

So how did I arrive here? After completing my BA Arts and Contemporary Studies, I was granted Ryerson University’s Top 30 Under 30 Alumni award in 2009 after I inspired tens of thousands of young people on a North American speaking tour that encouraged them to become global citizens. In 2013, I graduated MSc Environmental Management at the University of London, where I fostered my passion for corporate social responsibility and committed to helping conscious companies reach their best customers and tell their unique stories. For the last two years, I was a Director for Zooshare Biogas Co-operative. My passion for the environment was fostered by spending time with my grandparents at their rural property in Raglan, now a designated Natural Heritage System area in the Ontario Greenbelt.

I’m also a published freelancer, contributing articles to the independent online magazine, Eluxe Magazine, and a multi-author site, Feelgood Style, among others. I continue to use creative writing communications and social media to make a contribution to social consciousness and sustainability, and leverage it professionally in my consultant and entrepreneurial roles.

I’m always looking to partner with people who share my vision for a better world. Let’s connect and collaborate.