Bleary-Eyed Guide: StrollerFit with Baby and Me Fitness

Break a sweat with your baby at the park in a Strollerfit class.


At the six-week postpartum mark, I received the all clear from my midwives that it was safe to resume exercise. I figured I needed the extra motivation that a group class provides if I’m feeling lethargic. When I signed up for what I thought was a Baby and Me Fitness StrollerFit class, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I actually registered for a StrollerH.I.I.T class. That’s fitness code for torture high intensity interval training. 

The following Friday, I found myself packing up Charlotte and her pram into the car and heading to Christie Pitts park. Running five minutes late, I secretly hoped the instructor would assume I was a no-show, so I could turn around and find a warm Starbucks (and an apple fritter). No luck there, as our class instructor, Sheela, was patiently waiting for me to arrive. After introductions with two other mothers and babies in attendance, Sheela got down to the business of working out, starting with a run up a slopping hill and parking our prams to do burpies and jumping jacks. As the newest mom in the group, I thought Sheela might take mercy on my seven-week postpartum self and let me off the hook a little bit, but she was all smiles and encouraging words like, “Come on Angela, you can do ten more push ups on the back of that bench.” Turns out, I could.

Schlepping your baby with you to workout eliminates many postpartum exercise hurdles.

Charlotte slept (surprisingly) peacefully as I pushed her across the Pitts field and left her snoozing while I crab crawled and reverse planked myself into a sweat. When she finally did fuss, and I thought I had an excuse to take a well deserved break, Sheela was happy to rock the pram and help her nod off, so I could keep sprinting up the hill and back again. I ended the hour with aching muscles and a shedload of endorphins. It was a great way to get out of the house, and schedule in some exercise with an expert who understands not only what new mothers are going through, but also what we’re physically capable of achieving.

With a single class priced at $25, it’s not an inexpensive way to fit in a workout, even with bulk packages and monthly unlimited options. It’s nice to have your baby with you and meet other (understanding) moms, while you focus on gaining your strength and re-establishing your fitness.

What: Baby and Me Fitness Classes. Baby & Me Fitness has been working with families since 1987. Their programs are “safe, fun and designed to help parents take care of themselves while they take care of their babies”.

Price: From $25.00 per class

Contact: www.babyandmefitness.com416-604-2249

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