Festivus: Vegan Supper Club with Toronto’s Urban Acorn Catering

Chef Holloway dishes out delicious vegan fare at the Urban Acorn supper club


Urban Acorn, founded by Executive Chef Daniel Holloway and marketing maven Marie Fitrion, is a sustainable food company that offers catering, thematic supper clubs and wholesome baked goods for coffee shops. I had the honour to be hosted by Marie and Chef Holloway at the end of December as a guest at their vegan supper club. It’s taken me ages to put this together and edit the photos, but their sustainable food company is so inspiring, I had to post it (even three months after the fact). If you follow Sasstainable on Instagram, you’ll have seen my foodie photos from the event back in December. Their next event is April 17th, called Good Thursday.

Here’s the review.






Festivus for the Rest for Us brought together fifteen foodies to eat four courses of Chef Holloway’s sophisticated and nuanced vegan fare. Holloway’s passion for food is evident in his preference for complex flavours and his insistence on excellent presentation – a refreshing combination when some vegan fare can be wildly unappealing and tasteless slop hastily arranged on a plate. None of that here.

I was particularly impressed with his use of complimentary sauces, with a number of flavourful reductions. Quality ingredients were part of each course, from balsamic Portobello mushrooms on a hand-tossed sesame seed mini bagel, to the vanilla bean glaze and fresh blackberries paired with hand-dipped shortbread for dessert. It’s no surprise my favourite two courses were the main, a take on vegan meatloaf with coconut butter brazed brussells sprouts piled on whipped Duchess parsnips, and that shortbread with caramel sauce. I missed out on the wine, but my table mates were happy to top up their glasses and I was happy with no shortage of Pellegrino and organic tea to sip as my food settled (I was seven months pregnant at the time).

Guests were unanimously pleased with the meal, and they weren’t all vegans. Chatting with my fellow guests, I was given tips on the best vintage shops I should check out in Toronto, advice on pregnancy and heard all about their celebrations over the holidays. That’s the real success of Urban Acorn’s Supper Club – they’re inviting anyone to sit down at their table to eat, irregardless of their dietary preferences for an opportunity to discover community. Marie explained that they support flexitarian food experiences, but they aim to make the supper club as inclusive as possible by going vegan. Plus, Chef Holloway relishes the challenge of creating menus that will please foodies of all types.

Thanks again to Marie and Daniel for inviting me. I’m excited for Urban Acorn’s future – because they recognize a simple, but powerful truth: nourishment is much more than gnosh, or novelty. It’s about a sustainable, inclusive food future, and it tastes good.

To learn more about Urban Acorn Catering, please click here. Follow them on Facebook, check them out on Twitter and see all their great photos over on Instagram. Attend the next supper club: Good Thursday!

“Flexitarian cuisine, which is mostly plant based with moderate use of local or organic meats and seafood. Flexitarian menus allow us to provide great food to both omnivores and vegans…. we believe food should unite and not divide people.” – Urban Acorn Catering, Marie Fitrion and Executive Chef Daniel Holloway





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