Four favourites for an organic bedroom


Introducing my new favourite retailer, Organic Lifestyle: chic organic inspiration for your home.

Nothing inspires paranoia healthy living like having a baby. So many questions enter your mind. Why does the big brand baby lotion have a warning that reads ‘keep out of reach of children’? Isn’t that, like, ironic? We have lots organic certified and sustainable bedding, clothing, baby care products, furniture and safe toys filling Little Miss Sasstainable’s nursery, but admittedly, we’ve never got around to transforming our own living space. And after cleaning up my diet to eat local and organic, and slowly clearing out my beauty counter for greener, natural products, it behoves me to admit that I haven’t done much to go organic in my living space (besides eco-friendly cleaners and laundry detergent). I trust these changes are good for us. It gives me peace of mind, plus, I often find they provide us with better quality products.  So, I’m excited to partner with Organic Lifestyle .

Join us as we discover beautiful, organic options for our home.

Dihan Chandra, owner of Organic Lifestyle, reached out to me after an introduction from awesome  marketeer, Erica Leibner. His passion for clean, healthy living is contagious and he is dedicated to bringing the highest quality products at fair prices to families across Canada. “Chemicals in our homes are killing us,” Dihan said. “I might not lead with that quote,” I joked. But the frightening thing is… it’s true. Toxins have been linked to cancer, asthma and allergies. Did you know there are flame retardants in children’s pajamas? It irritates me that we even have a reason to worry about carcinogenic and neurotoxic chemicals in our homes, from everyday items such as pillows. Where we just so happen to lay our heads up to 8 hours a day.


Organic Lifestyle goes the extra mile to ensure that from start to finish, all products are produced as ethically and sustainably as possible. All products are void of harmful chemicals (like those found in fire retardants, sprayed on conventional mattresses) and off-gassing Volatile Organic Compounds from shower liners, glues, paint finishes and more. They carry products that can help you reduce your environmental footprint, such as glass straws, re-useable lunch boxes, water bottles and produce bags. They only source from businesses they know and trust and they source locally as much as possible.

By shopping organic and sustainable, we can minimize our exposure to unsafe toxins in our homes. With back to school just around the corner, it’s a great time of year to design a fresh start. So, I’m excited to share my first selections from the Organic Lifestyle collection. Here are four of my favourite items to create a beautiful, natural bedroom space you will, truly, relax in.


Organic Cotton Pillow


Handmade in the USA from certified organic cotton, these quality pillows provide firm support and sweet dreams.

Lightweight Organic Cotton Kimono Bathrobe – Heather Grey


Ecocert and Fair Trade certified organic cotton kimono bathrobe is perfect for cozy early mornings and late nights.

Honeycomb Throw Pillow – Organic Cotton


These gorgeous GOTS certified throw pillows are just the thing for fall. Designed in a textured honeycomb and cable pattern, they come in a trio of complimentary colours I love.

European Inspired Reversible Duvet Cover- Percale


Made in Quebec from European imported organic cotton percale fabric, this luxurious duvet cover may last twice as long: designed with seamless sides, it’s fully reversible.

Thanks to Dihan for sharing with Sasstainable, and stay tuned for more features from the Organic Lifestyle collection coming soon.

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Angela is founder and editor of Sasstainable, an insider voice on sustainable lifestyle and ethical luxury. In 2013, she completed her MSc in Environmental Management at the University of London, at the Centre for Development, Environment and Policy. Her passion for the environment grew out of her family's rural property in Raglan, Ontario, now a designated Natural Heritage System area in the Ontario Greenbelt. In 2009, she was granted Ryerson University's Top 30 Under 30 Alumni award, because of her work as a motivational speaker. She inspired over 30,000 high school and university students across North America. She is a published writer, contributing articles to Geez Magazine, Eluxe Magazine and Feelgood Style, among others. She enjoys fashion, cooking, art and yoga. She served on the board of directors for Toronto Zooshare Biogas Co-operative and Toronto Green Community. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada, with her 3 year-old daughter, Charlotte.