HelloFresh food for the whole family

HelloFresh for a healthy New Year.

Discover the joy of HelloFresh a flexible subscription meal plan that gives you everything you need to prepare delicious, fast recipes, and it’s delivered right to your doorstep (or concierge desk, for us condo dwellers).

If you told me two weeks ago that I’d prepare oregano chicken with green beans and olives one night, and caramelized onion pizza with arugula the next evening, receiving rave reviews from my toddler, I wouldn’t have believed you. But HelloFresh brought the magic. As a courtesy, I received the Pronto Plan with three meals that included pre-cut veggies and pre-measured ingredients. Each meal takes 20-30 minutes to make, and costs about $13.00 per meal. It was a pretty nice change of pace to open my fridge and see fresh, healthy meals lined up and organized on the top shelf. You don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen, either. Basic culinary skills and kitchen gear are all you need to knock out tasty, family friendly dinners. Best of all, the plans are flexible so if you need to pause for a week, you can take time off, which is helpful for the busy lives we lead.

Tell me I’m not the only parent hustling to feed a small child well on a regular basis. Please.

Family meals can get complicated. Hands up if you’ve been here: sat on the couch on a Smonday night, agonizing about what you’ll cook that week, stressing about how much time it will take. I want to create meals my daughter will actually eat and I will enjoy, at a fair price without taking five thousand hours to plan, prep and prepare. My hope, like so many working parents, is to find healthy options using local ingredients and creative flavour profiles. I especially like inviting Charlotte into the kitchen with me so she can see how to prepare fresh food and learn the joy of cooking first hand, like a tiny Julia Childs. The Pronto Plan helped me out. It refreshed my meal ideas, saving me time and money (and stress, which is pretty priceless). I loved making these meals, and even better, Charlotte loved eating them. Full disclosure: I swapped out a bit of goat cheese for cheddar on a small portion of our pizza one night, because although the meals were fabulous, I’m not a miracle worker. As one fellow parent joked, “Goat cheese is too tangy for a toddler.” And I ate the Lemon-Basil Shrimp skewers with orzo, tomato, and avocado salad solo, two days running. Delish.

Cook great meals and reduce food waste.

Fact: most of us throw away more food than we realize. The Toronto Food Policy Council shares that an estimated $31 billion worth of food is wasted every year, approximately 40% of the food produced annually in Canada. That’s straight up crazy. HelloFresh sends precisely measured ingredients, and they estimate they can help cut household food waste by up to 47%. That’s almost half! I can admit it – my well intentioned grocery shops and pre-planned farmer’s market trips take over an hour, and often result in more food than I can manage. Even when I batch cook and use my freezer to store extras, things get thrown out. I didn’t waste a single thing from our three HelloFresh meals. Best of all, the portions were large enough for Charlotte and I to have dinner, with some leftovers for lunch on another day. Perfect for our single parent, single child family. Note my frizzy hair and zero makeup style below. At least we’re eating well, right? #thestuggleisreal

Sustainability from farm to fork.

HelloFresh is seeking to be sustainable. Their supply chain focuses on directly sourcing food from ethical producers to our homes in only 3-7 days, rather than the average 7-14 days to get food to an average shop. This reduces energy, water and labour by up to 14%. I’d love to see them share even more about how and where they source their produce, and I hope they’ll continue to tell that story. Although the meals include more packaging than my average grocery trip would include, which I don’t love, they’ve taken steps to make their delivery as eco as possible. They use FSC-certified sustainable cardboard, including recyclable packaging wherever possible and non-toxic water-based icepacks. These can be returned to the company through their ice pack return program, with free pickup and shipping.

When you consider the intensive impact of agriculture, which is no joke, I love the benefits of reducing overall food waste coupled with the convenience of creative, healthy meals delivered to your door at a decent price, HelloFresh.

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