Roma Boots give back & Winter Solstice


I hope I’m not alone in my shock that it’s only four sleeps until Christmas (once you have a toddler you count time in sleeps, not days). How did this happen? Last time I checked, it was November. I was still riding my bike along the waterfront. I was taking photos on my lunch hour in my new Roma boots with my beautiful Parisian colleague Audrey, sans snow. Keep scrolling to see her model these boots that give back. Have you heard of Roma boots? They recently launched their brand in Canada. I like how they’re committed to #givingpovertytheboot. They make stylish boots for children and adults with a 1-for-1 model, providing pairs to kids in need, plus they give 10% of profits to education initiatives in the world’s poorest places. I have my eye on a fun print pair for Charlotte, because, apparently it will be Springtime soon. And I’m just going to say it: I need to lint brush my jacket before I take photos. I shed like an Alaskan Malamute. But they’re very cute dogs. And very cute boots, many thanks to Roma Boots Canada.

Things aren’t a complete loss this week.  It’s snowing out right now and I see how pretty the park is across the street on this Solstice, winter white and wonderful. I finished my (limited) holiday shopping and I wrapped all gifts. I’m pretty minimalist this year in both giving and receiving. Have you seen that new doc on Netflix? It’s great. Give it a go, like a palate cleanser for your consumer soul. And if you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve baked a batch of Charlotte’s favourite ginger cookies. I still want to do more Gingerbread, shortbread, and this amazing concoction called White Chocolate Bark. It has Golden Grahams cereal in it. Exactly. I can neither confirm nor deny that I’m eating it straight out of the box in fistfuls as I type this. I love the holiday season so much.

My friend Sara and I are volunteering with the Daily Bread Food Bank on Friday to start our holidays with something fun and meaningful. I’m going to eat, drink and be merry (in that order) at my dear friend’s house for a celebration on the 24th, and then I’m going to a late night service up the road at St. Andrew’s church. I will be with Charlotte at her dad’s place early the next morning for Christmas brunch. I’m grateful we can be together and make memories as a family, even if things aren’t what we expected after our separation. Co-parenting has it’s challenges, but Charlotte is doing amazingly well and loving Santa this year. She’s even getting a promotion at Montessori this week, moving out of the toddler class to be with the older kids in the New Year. She said the cutest thing the other day – I’m keeping this journal of her most quotable moments. When I reminded her she’d be spending a bit of time that day with the older kids she sighed and said, “If I’m very nice to the big kids in my new class will Santa bring me a shark for Christmas?” That’s what I get for having an annual pass to the Aquarium.


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