Sully Wong x ONEXONE HOPE Sneakers are good for your sole.


Sully Wong limited edition HOPE Sneakers for ONEXONE.

The HOPE Sneaker is a premium limited edition, unisex shoe, designed using high quality materials with luxe details, all for a charitable cause. The sneakers raise funds for the ONEXONE foundation, with 50% of sale proceeds donated to the Pediatric Wing Hospital Mirebalis in Haiti and the Million Meals project here at home, in Canada, to provide meals to children in need. I had the pleasure of meeting designers George Sully and Henry Wong to preview their new shoes on Thursday. I soon discovered they’re as compassionate as they are creative.

“We did it for the kids,” Sully said. When I mentioned how much the project must mean to Sully, since both his parents are from Haiti, he laughed lightly and confessed, “It’s a bit of a tear-jerker, but I’m not going to cry in front of all these people.” They’re understandably proud of their first charitable collaboration, and even more proud of the shoes they’ve designed. “We wanted luxe details for a premium product,” said Wong.

Sully-Wong-ONEXONE-Foundation-HOPE-sneakers-premium-leather-2“Just because it’s for a charity, doesn’t mean it can’t be premium,” Sully continued,” It’s for everyone – goes with everything.” Incorporating the signature red, black and white colours of the ONEXONE logo, the sneakers use Sully Wong’s clean, low-cut silhouette style. It’s designed with a quality natural duck canvas exterior, and a red hand-stitched capsule base. Added details include eight ONEXONE inspired custom-lace eyelets, an outer heel and toe thread and a removable commemorative ONEXONE footpad. Those descriptive insoles provide a finishing touch, a little love letter to your (charitable) sole. “You could easily pay $400 for a pair of shoes of equal quality,” Sully said.

Sully-Wong-ONEXONE-Foundation-HOPE-sneakers-premium-leather-3Sully Wong manufactures their products in China. Wong has a personal family connection there, where they place their orders.  They’ve visited their factories and taken videos. “You know, here is our leather being stretched out for our last collection,” Wong narrates to me. They publicly encourage their customers to question brands that don’t disclose information about their supply chains. Each product they produce has a tag that reads,”We take pride in visiting the factories that produce our product. Be wary of those who don’t”. Their insistence on transparency, and their talent-driven focus on premium design, is pitch perfect for style conscious, globally minded millennials (like, moi).


Hope belongs to everyone.

The ONEXONE Foundation was founded with the philosophy that every single life is precious and that as individuals we can make a difference in the lives of human beings, one by one. Angie Camara, Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, shared more about their strategic mission for this year, in the issue areas of health and nutrition. “We’re very proud of this fashion collaboration,” Camara said, “Charities should be collaborative.” 50% of proceeds from sales of the HOPE Sneaker will be designated in two ways, to both the Million Meals Movement to feed children across the country and eliminate hunger in Canada, with a focus in remote Aboriginal communities and also to the ONEXONE Pediatric Wing of L’Hôspital Universitaire de Mirebalais.

“I asked George, ‘Could you donate a small portion of profits from sales of your next shoe? We can throw our ONEXONE logo on the side of the box.’ and he said, ‘I’ll do you one better.’ He then designed the exclusive HOPE sneaker for us,” Camara said, “From idea to sample prototype, it took only six weeks!”

Shoe lovers and ONEXONE advocates can pick up a pair of HOPE sneakers at the Brad J. Lamb 2nd Annual King West block party on July 19 from 12:00-4:00pm (I’ll be there) and thereafter, exclusively online at Sully Wong. Thanks very much to Melissa Jovanoski and the team at The Publicist Group for inviting me to preview this exciting collaboration and to Sully, Wong and Camara for sharing the story behind the sneakers. – Angela

Click below for more photos of Sully Wong x ONEXONE Hope Sneakers


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