Wildrose Magnolia Skincare and Cosmetics Review


Review – handmade and natural, Wildrose Magnolia has the nontoxic, locally produced products you need.

From body butter to mascara, I’ve been lathering and loving Wildrose Magnolia cosmetics and skincare for two weeks. I discovered Wildrose Magnolia when I was flipping through a copy of Fashion magazine. It featured Kevin Drew’s Tequila Lime Body Butter, Wildrose Magnolia’s newest body butter, supporting the work of Environmental Defence Canada. I ended up twitter chatting with founder and crafter, Susannah Spearin and introducing her to Sasstainable. When she offered to send me her handmade products for review, I jumped at the chance. A beautiful package of products arrived in the post, made with natural and organic ingredients lists I could read and pronounce. Here’s the review.


Achieve clean, clear skin with Wildrose Magnolia facial soap & facial toner.

I love the Facial Toner from Wildrose Magnolia, created with naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxyl sourced from apples. I used two or three spritzes on an organic cotton wool pad, sweeping it across my face with a focus on the T-zone. It helped to clarify my skin, reduce shine and remove impurities. I have to admit, bar soaps have never been my favourite way to cleanse my face. They tend to get mopey when left on the edge of the sink. Although the Facial Soap for Oily Skin (formulated with dead sea mud and tea tree oil) comfortably cleansed my skin with clear results, I’m still not a convert to bar soaps. I can chalk that one up to personal preference, rather than product performance.


Melt-into-your-skin waterless body butters.

Body butters by Wildrose Magnolia surpass anything you’ll find at the drug store. They’re super condensed, using all natural and organic, high quality, fairly traded oils and butters. I received a pot in Bohemia, a lovely tropical lime and patchouli scented butter. It’s so thick, I have to take a portion out and gently warm it between my hands. It (literally) melts like butter, spreading and sinking into my skin. Gorgeous! A little goes a long way. Plus, one dollar from the sale of each body butter is donated to support the important work of Environmental Defence Canada. Great for my skin, good for the planet.

Natural, pretty makeup with Wildrose Magnolia concealer, lip balm & mascara.



Wildrose Magnolia concealer is a unique formulation that acts more like a beauty balm treatment than a conventional concealer. Smooth, moisturizing, and with just enough pigment to cover my (truly terrible new mama) dark circles, I  really enjoy using this product. It’s formulated with organic cocoa butter and rosehip oil, so it treats my skin as well as it covers. Although it’s not as opaque as some concealers I’ve used in the past, the nourishing skincare properties outshine every other concealer I’ve ever tried.

Lip Balm in Berry

The lip balm in Berry is highly moisturizing and produces a pretty, sheer wash in a raspberry colour suitable for all skin tones. I’ve been using this incessantly for the last two weeks and I have softer lips to show for it. It’s carefully crafted with natural and organic ingredients, such as non GMO vitamin E. It also comes in an untinted version. Love.

Mascara in Black

The ecobeauty faithful long to find a natural, nontoxic mascara that can perform as well as its toxic counterparts. It’s the holy grail of makeup lovers. Imagine my delight when I discovered that Wildrose Magnolia’s mascara formulation not only delivers darker, longer, thicker lashes, without clumps, it’s made with 85% organic ingredients. I tested its staying power during a sweaty stroller fit class on a windy day, and its smudgeproof, too.


 Discover more about Wildrose Magnolia.

Thanks again to Susannah and the Wildrose Magnolia team for sending Sasstainable products to review. I’ve got my eye on the body serum for a personal beauty splurge for myself next month. Here’s a few more words in closing from the brand itself.

“These products are 100% natural/non-toxic, eco-conscious, and crafted with care in small batches. 80% of the line is lovingly handcrafted in-house. The few products that are made out-of-house are made by like-minded planet lovers and contain exclusively natural and/or certified organic ingredients. The vision behind WM is to provide you with nourishing, non-toxic products that cover your entire day; from your morning shower, through your active daily life, to a fun night out on the town, with each step knowing that what you have applied to your absorptive skin has been beneficial to your body and easy on the earth.” – Founder and Crafter, Susannah Spearin

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